Idenisyss uses MySQL for open source projects that require a full-featured database management system. For proprietary use, several paid editions are also available, and offer additional functionality.

MySQL is one of the best RDBMS being used for developing various web-based software applications. MySQL is one of world's most popular open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). With a vast amount of experience in developing high-performance web & mobile apps, our MySQL developers leverage Java and PHP to provide you with state-of-the-art database-driven business applications.

Let’s Check Our Services in My SQL

Target Audience

Secure Data Protection

MySQL supports powerful mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users have access to the databases.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

High Availability

MySQL can run high-speed master/slave replication configurations and it offers cluster servers.

Classification at Scale

Scalability & Flexibility

MySQL you can run deeply embedded applications and create data warehouses holding a humongous amount of data.